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Premium multi-grade motor oil - Helps to remove sludge from dirty engines

Shell Helix HX5 is designed to help provide consistent engine performance. It works hard to help protect against engine sludge and reduce wear. It is suitable for a wide variety of vehicles for everyday driving conditions.


Suitable for mainstream gasoline and diesel engines where API SL/CF or ACEA A2/B2 is recommended. It is also suitable for engines that use ethanol as a fuel component.

Downloads - HELIX HX5 15W-40 / 6L


HELIX HX5 15W-40 / 6L

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Active cleansing technology· Actively locks away harmful performance-robbing deposits.

Active clean-up · Helps to remove sludge left behind by inferior oils.

Effective wear protection · Helps to protect against wear and neutralise corrosive combustion acids.

Resistance to oil degradation · Helps to maintain protection throughout the oil-drain interval.

Multi-fuel capability· Can be used for gasoline, diesel and gas engines, and is also suitable for biodiesel and gasoline/ethanol blends. 

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: HELIX HX5 15W-40 / 6L

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