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TransDiesel are now New Zealand's official distributor of Shell motor oils and lubricants!

We will be adding our product slate to the website shortly, 

Under the partnership agreement, TransDiesel will manage distribution of Shell’s complete range of products across the consumer, transport, industrial, agricultural and marine sectors in New Zealand.

We supply a full range of diesel engine, petrol engine, two-stroke, hydraulic, gear and agricultural oils as well antifreeze, brake fluids and greases. All Shell products ensure high performance, long service, complete user satisfaction and absolute respect for the environment.

Oil Sampling kits. Available from all TransDiesel branches, detect for any contaminants in the oil of your equipment with our oil sampling kits.

Whatever your equipment, we can analyse it: earthmoving equipment, industrial machinery, on-highway vehicles, racing cars, generators. Lab analysis will then translate the findings into facts so that you are able to monitor the health and performance of your equipment and your lubricants.

For more information visit oilstatus.co.nz or contact your nearest TransDiesel branch.